Introducing the Allbritton Journalism Institute Reporting Fellowship

The AJI Reporting Fellowship aims to restore journalism’s role in our national conversation by fostering a new generation of reporters, from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives, who produce work that Americans trust. The fellowship is a fully-funded educational experience through which early-career reporters learn from accomplished, working journalists, and then apply that knowledge in our professional newsroom where they report on government and politics in Washington, D.C.

What is this?

A program for aspiring journalists interested in covering government and politics. Fellows will be paid a stipend of $60,000 per year to learn from professional journalists in D.C.

Why are you doing it?

To strengthen our democracy and journalism as a whole by giving new journalists the skills they need to report fairly, accurately and effectively in today’s world.

What type of experience will this be?

The program begins with a four-week immersion course in the practical application of journalism skills, from ethics and newsgathering to writing and distribution. After four weeks, fellows will balance ongoing classwork with hands-on experience: reporting and producing stories for a professional digital publication, while honing their skills through seminars, weekly group critiques and staff mentorship. The formal program runs for 18 months, after which fellows are invited to stay for an additional six months as we support them in seeking their next opportunity. By the end of the program, graduates will have the background necessary to cover the inner workings of Washington — and will be ready to take on reporting jobs at the country’s best outlets.

What makes this different from other journalism programs?

  • Our classes are taught by top working professionals who are engaged with the ever-evolving media landscape on a day-to-day basis and attuned to the best practices in journalism right now.
  • Fellows are part of a real, working newsroom — one with time and capacity for learning and mentorship built in. This teaching-hospital model allows fellows to learn by doing at the highest level.
  • We don’t charge our fellows to attend — we pay them the equivalent of an entry-level journalism salary, so that people from all economic backgrounds can participate.

Who is eligible to apply?

We are looking for applicants of all backgrounds who want to work in journalism; who have a keen interest in policy and politics; and who believe journalism can and should play a critical role in our democracy. Some fellows may be just out of school; others may be looking for a career transition; still others may be working journalists who are early in their careers. A passion for journalism is a prerequisite, but actual journalistic experience is not.

Where will all this occur?

Washington, D.C.

When will it happen?

The 2023 program will begin Sept. 6.

So I will get paid while I do this?


How much again?

$60,000 per year.

Are benefits included?

Yes, fellows will be eligible for health insurance and other benefits, including paid time off.

Where will I live?

You will be responsible for making your own living and commuting arrangements in the Washington, D.C., area.

Can I attend remotely?

No. The AJI Reporting Fellowship is an in-person experience.

Is this program accredited? Will I get a degree or certificate?

This is not a degree or certificate program. It is focused on building real-world skills and experience.

Will you run the program again next year?

We plan to welcome a new class every year.

Who is behind this and why are they doing it?

The Allbritton Journalism Institute is a new non-profit organization backed by a $20 million grant from Robert Allbritton, the founding publisher of POLITICO. The Institute’s leadership and teaching faculty are veteran journalists whose work has appeared in top national publications. Like Robert Allbritton, they care deeply about restoring journalism’s critical role in our national conversation while expanding opportunities for aspiring journalists with different backgrounds and beliefs.

How do I apply?

Complete and submit our application.

What is the application timeline?

The application is due by 11:59 p.m., Eastern, on May 31. We plan to interview finalists and announce decisions in June.

What if I have questions or need more information?

Reach out to us at admissions@aji.org.

I’m an established journalist and interested in getting involved. What would my role be?

There are two paths for experienced reporters and editors looking to be a part of what we’re building. One is a part-time role, teaching and mentoring AJI fellows while continuing to publish elsewhere.
The second is a direct role founding a new kind of politics newsroom. AJI will hire a select number of reporters and editors both to work with the fellows and to set the course for AJI with their own journalism. We aim to be a place where established reporters will have a chance to develop the next generation of journalists while having the time, space, and support to publish the best work of their own careers.